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Burgas is located on the Black Sea coast near the Burgas Bay. There are several salt lakes to the north and south of the city, which are protected due to the fact that they are on the southward flyway, known as the Via Pontica. The climate is temperate continental, summers are pleasantly fresh. The average daily air temperature in the summer is 26 °C, and of the sea water – 25° С.

The area of Burgas is rich in archaeological finds related to Thracian era (4th century BC). The earliest evidence of life date back to the Bronze and early Iron Age.
Burgas is a big tourist center, and the starting point for visiting the seaside resorts, such as Sunny Beach, Elenite Holiday Village, Duni Holiday Village, the museum-towns of Nessebar and Sozopol, Ropotamo Reserve, Strandja Nature Park

Culture and Arts

A characteristic feature of the city is its east orientation towards the sea. The old part of the city has the shape of an arc, open to the beach and the seaside park – the two main urban attractions. In their close proximity are situated the administrative offices, the central pedestrian and shopping areas, all cultural institutions and the major part of the places of entertainment. Well defined pedestrian areas of the city allow movement in the central part through the Sea Garden to the beach without vehicles.
Thanks to its location near the sea and the remoteness from other major cities and the capital, Burgas has its own spiritual and cultural aspect.
The Adriana Budevska Drama Theater was named after one of the most famous Bulgarian actresses.
The active drama season in Burgas lasts from October to May, but in practice does not stop because cultural life of the country during the summer is transferred to the resort towns.
Art galleries in the region are more than ten. The undisputed leader is the City Art Gallery.
Burgas is a city with a rich musical history and even richer present. Concert events are particularly active during the summer, when the sea becomes a major center of attraction of the cultural life and Bulgarian Bohemia.
There are 2 indoor movie theaters – one downtown and one at the Gallery Mall with 10 cinema halls.

The ancient history and archaeological wealth in present day Burgas Municipality are presented in the Burgas Archaeological Museum, and history from the Bulgarian Renaissance to the present day can be traced in the Historical Museum. The wealth of folklore and culture is exhibited in the Ethnography Museum. The beauty, uniqueness and extraordinary natural variety in the region of Burgas can be experienced in the halls of the Natural History Museum.


Burgas is known in Bulgaria as the city of festivals.
Every summer, the Bulgarian pop song festival Burgas and the Sea is held in the Summer Theater in the Sea Garden. The Summer Theater also hosts an annual International Folklore Festival. A Beer Fest, the “Rock Explosion” Festival of Bulgarian Rock Music, the Blues Festival and the Theatre Festival “On the Beach” take place on the open-air stages in the Sea Garden.

The SPIRIT of Burgas Festival has been held since 2008 on the central beach of Burgas, under the patronage of the Municipality of Burgas. The SPIRIT of Burgas is the most important musical event held in Bulgaria, during which the best artists of the world music stage perform every year.


For the fans of swimming sports Burgas offers two 50-meter pools and warm sea from May to October. Fans of tennis can play for a fee at three locations in the city. The courts in the Sea Garden are especially preferred, with the capacity to accommodate the greatest number of players and combining good surface and sea air. For the fans of jogging the Sea Garden proposes ideal conditions: suitable climate (in Burgas, temperatures rarely can drop below 0 °C), well maintained paths, proximity to the sea. There are special paths for cyclists as well. The garden is a pleasant place for walking and socializing.

Tourism and Entertainment

The city center is a favorite place for a walk. By the Sea Garden you can see the bay and you can go down to the sea. The fishermen of the city bridge are one of the attractions of the city. The warm sea, the sandy beaches and the southern sun give the city the atmosphere of a spa town. For the fans of travel the area offers a wealth of opportunities. Less than an hour away are the Elenite Holiday Village and Sunny Beach Resort. In the same direction and in the immediate proximity is the museum town of Nessebar, preserving the remains of the ancient Roman city of Messemvria. South of Burgas are situated the resort villages of Chernomorets, Primorsko, Tsarevo, Lozenets, Ahtopol. In the same direction is the museum town of Sozopol, Duni Holiday Village, the Primorsko International Youth Center and the Ropotamo Reserve.

In the extreme southern part of the region is the Strandja Nature Park. It is the largest nature park in Bulgaria. It preserves an exceptional nature treasure – more than 50% of the flora of the country. The park is a kind of ethnographic reserve – the village of Bulgari is located on its territory, where the pagan dancing ritual nestinarstvo (dancing on embers) is preserved. The main shopping areas in the city are divided along the Alexandrovska, Aleko Bogoridi and Ferdinandova Streets where the central pedestrian area is located, with numerous restaurants, cafes, fast food snack bars, coffee shops and clubs. The city has two malls – the Burgas Plaza Mall in the Izgrev Residential Complex and the Galleria Mall in Slaveikov Residential Complex.


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